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Challenges faced by same-sex couples opting for adoption

The constitution's Equal Protection Clause protects the rights of same-sex couples to marry and be recognized by law in all states. Court decisions also support equal application of family law to same-sex couples, but laws are yet to be uniformly applied across states. Some states, however, still show resistance to treating same-sex couples as equal, especially in cases where adoption and legal rights involving children are concerned.

Public and private adoption agencies

Deciding to adopt a child is one of the biggest decisions you may ever make. Adoption is a life-long commitment. If you have decided to adopt a child domestically, the next step is choosing which route to take. You can adopt a child either through an adoption agency or independently. No method is above the other, it all depends on what you personally prefer.

Relocation disputes in child custody cases

Custodial agreements are made with the expectation that the custodial parent will stay in the same city or state. Relocation affects the non-custodial parents and their visitation rights. It might also influence their relationship with the child. Custodial cases always depend on what is in the best interests of the child. The judge makes sure the child keeps receiving proper care and attention. The non-custodial parent has the right to file a complaint against the relocation.

How to adopt a child as a stepparent

Stepparent adoption applies when a new spouse of the birth parent wishes to adopt the child. It is one of the most common forms of adoption in the U.S. It is important to get the consent of both the parents, custodial and non-custodial, before moving on. Yet in some cases, consent may not be required if the parental rights of the birth parent are terminated. This may be achieved by proving that the parent has either abandoned the child, is unfit or is not the biological parent. Every step should be taken with the best interests of the child in mind.

Is a bad marriage worse for children than a "good" divorce?

Everyone who's in a troubled marriage has repeated the phrase like a mantra: "we've got to stay together for the children." The idea is that keeping the pieces of the marriage together will provide children with the level of stability they need to stay emotionally healthy. Unfortunately, this stance doesn't give children much credit. They are far more attuned to their parents' emotional states then we often realize. We tend to think we're fooling them, but they are picking up on the stress and animosity and absorbing it.

High stakes divorce for high-profile clients

When you are a celebrity, you may have a very hard time keeping much of your private life out of the public's eye. We have seen the fall out as it played out week after week for Johnny Depp and his celebrity wife, Amber Heard. Allegations of abuse were thrown out like punches, doing damage to the character of the beloved actor known by children and adults alike. Whether there was truth behind the allegations was never made clear. However, on the evening prior to the appointment to meet in court regarding the restraining order against Depp we were alerted that a settlement had been reached. The order was subsequently withdrawn by Heard.

How can mental health affect a divorce?

Nearly every situation that comes into family court can take a turn for the worse. Divorce is no different and occasionally results in the dirty laundry of both spouses being aired in the courtroom. While many complaints and allegations are of no consideration to the family court, the question of mental health can play a major role in divorce.

Understanding Colorado's complicated child support guidelines

There are few areas of family law that are easily understood and Colorado's child support guidelines are no different. While the basic foundation for child support remains relatively untouched from state to state, here in Colorado parents are allowed to modify this foundation slightly in order to agree on an adequate child support amount. However, it is important to work with a family law attorney when doing so. If parents try to impose too much change, the family court will be quick to reject their agreement.

Making it through a divorce takes courage and a good attorney

No matter what anyone says, divorce is an emotionally trying experience. Even for couples that take a collaborative approach to their divorce, there are almost always some issues that cannot be agreed on. Family law attorneys are no stranger to these challenges and have the experience and training necessary to guide spouses through the emotionally taxing experience of divorce.

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