When it comes to divorce, anything involving your child is likely to become a complicated matter. No matter how amicable or understanding you and your spouse say you will be, a child is always going to bring out an emotional reaction in the parents. This doesn’t mean that the discussions are unproductive — but it is something to realize and learn from. Those who are discussing matters of child custody and child support need to remain civil and calm.

With that in mind, there are many factors that go into determining child custody and child support. Today, let’s focus on child support.

Some of the factors that are included in the determination of support are as follows:

  • Which parent will claim the child on their taxes
  • How medical insurance premiums will apply to the parents
  • The costs associated with extracurricular activities that the child is involved with
  • If there are special needs costs associated with the child, they can be incorporated into support payments

Dealing with these factors and coming to an effective and efficient solution to your support agreement is critical for everyone in the family.

Of course, even when you reach an agreement there is the possibility that modifications needs to be made in the future. Maybe you or your ex moves out of the state, complicating the custody or support arrangements you have always known. Or maybe financial restraints from a medical emergency complicate one of the parents’ ability to pay support. Rest assured, modifications can be made.

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