If you are a single parent who depends upon money from child support, then you are likely aware of how important it is to receive your payments on time every month. It can be very challenging to make ends meet when you have so many important expenses to cover. If the person responsible for paying child support fails to do so, you could very quickly find yourself in a financial bind. This is unfair to both you and your children.

And while it is in the best interests of both you and your children that you receive payments, it is also of benefit for the payer as well. This is because Colorado Child Support Services takes failure to pay child support extremely seriously. But what sort of measures can CSS take against someone who is delinquent in making child support payments?

CSS has the capacity to file a request for the delinquent payer to be found in contempt of court. This could result in that person being fined or even issued a jail sentence. Given the circumstances, CSS could even request that a case of non-payment be prosecuted at the federal level.

Clearly, no one wants for things to get so out of hand that it takes court involvement to reach a resolution. The fact is, sometimes it is impossible for someone to maintain payments at the assigned level. This is why ex-spouses could find going through mediation a proactive way to help satisfy everyone’s needs.

If you are having issues either paying or receiving child support, you may find that having mediation sessions conducted by a Colorado family law attorney could help you get things back on the right track.