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July 2015 Archives

Stepparent adoptions can be achieved in different ways

All children should grow up in homes where they are loved, cared for and safe. But sometimes, family strife can make it difficult for a child to live with both of his or her birth parents. And in certain circumstances, being adopted by a stepparent is the best possible option.

Paying child support takes super heroic effort in new movie

When you go to see a summer blockbuster featuring a comic book hero, you likely expect an eyeful of special effects and a large helping of action. Often the heroes in these movies must contend with such issues as living their lives away from their home planets or hiding secret identities. But in the recently released "Ant-Man," a central character is dealing with a far more common and recognizable concern; he's having problems paying his child support.

Same-sex marriages require attention to legal details

The recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the country is rightfully being hailed by many as a giant step forward. Hopefully, in the very near future, the Court's decision will be fully adopted without protest by every state. Certainly, this momentous decision can serve as a victory for those in the LGBT community as well as everyone in the country who believes in the importance of civil rights.

Fathers can find ways to make most of visitation time

Being a father can be very challenging. The challenge is made all the greater if you are divorced and are limited in the time you can spend with your child. Therefore, you want to make every moment together count. Yet there are ways you can compensate for the visitation limitations you face and be the father figure that is so important in your child's life.

What factors determine a child's best interests?

In determining the terms of a child custody agreement, the phrase "best interests of the child," often comes up. The importance of these words cannot be overstated because it is through the prism of a child's best interests that all custody decisions are made. The idea being that the child's security, happiness and general well-being are of paramount concern to the court during custody negotiations.

International custody disputes require special efforts to resolve

When spouses can no longer get along, a parting of the ways might be the best possible option. But a divorce, while beneficial in the long run, can be fraught with emotions. This is especially true if a couple has a child. It is in everyone's best interests if custody issues are worked out amicably, but this does not always happen.

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