Being a father can be very challenging. The challenge is made all the greater if you are divorced and are limited in the time you can spend with your child. Therefore, you want to make every moment together count. Yet there are ways you can compensate for the visitation limitations you face and be the father figure that is so important in your child’s life.

Post-divorce family situations can be fraught with tension. But it is important to overcome such difficulties and establish and maintain the best possible relationship with your child that you can. The author of a book on being a divorced father offers these bits of advice:

  • Take every possible opportunity to spend time with your children. In addition to the time you get for visitation, you will likely have the chance to do other things, such as drive them to school.
  • Take careful note of any emotional changes your child exhibits. Divorce can affect a child in numerous ways. He or she needs you to keep the lines of communication open so you can offer help when necessary.
  • Do not project your anger with your ex-spouse onto your children. Anger can cause serious rifts between fathers and their children.
  • Keep feelings of guilt in check. Many marriages don’t work out and if yours is one of them, don’t let guilt lead you to accept unfavorable child custody terms.

Another important thing the author wants known is that it is possible for a father to win joint custody, provided there is nothing in his background that a judge may find questionable. Sometimes in pursuing joint custody, an experienced family law attorney may be able to help a father put his best foot forward.

It is typically in the best interest of the child to have a strong relationship with his or her father. An attorney can offer you advice and guidance that may prove very valuable when working out a custody agreement.