When spouses can no longer get along, a parting of the ways might be the best possible option. But a divorce, while beneficial in the long run, can be fraught with emotions. This is especially true if a couple has a child. It is in everyone’s best interests if custody issues are worked out amicably, but this does not always happen.

Unfortunately, sometimes a custody dispute can grow so heated that one of the parents may take the ill-advised step of absconding with the child. Such an event can be very stressful. A parent may even have difficulty pinpointing the child’s whereabouts. This situation could be even more complicated and harrowing if the child is taken out of the country.

An international child custody battle can prove very difficult to remedy. For one thing, U.S. officials do not have the same level of authority in foreign countries. However, if the child is taken to a country that is part of The Hague Convention on International Child Abduction or other such treaties, then legal and political pressure may be brought to bear in an effort to encourage the child’s return. In such situations, a parent may try soliciting the support of political officials who could use their clout in an effort to have the child returned.

When trying to resolve an international child custody dispute, the aid of an attorney who is familiar with the processes necessary to handle these kinds of disputes could be very valuable. If you are a parent who is trying to get custody of a child who has been taken out of the country by your ex-spouse, you may wish to seek the guidance and advice from a Colorado child custody attorney.