When you go to see a summer blockbuster featuring a comic book hero, you likely expect an eyeful of special effects and a large helping of action. Often the heroes in these movies must contend with such issues as living their lives away from their home planets or hiding secret identities. But in the recently released “Ant-Man,” a central character is dealing with a far more common and recognizable concern; he’s having problems paying his child support.

According to the movie’s producer, the character of Scott Lang is primarily motivated by his desire to have a relationship with his daughter, Cassie. Lang has spent several years in prison and is unable to keep a job. Because he cannot make his child support payments, he is unable to visit Cassie. Ultimately, Lang’s desperation leads him to return to his criminal ways.

Of course, since this is a superhero fantasy, Scott Lang ends up being recruited to wear the Ant-Man suit. Unfortunately, most fathers who have trouble paying child support are never given such amazing opportunities. If a father is in arrears, catching up with support payments can prove very difficult. He may even face penalties for failing to pay, which makes things that much more difficult.

If you are a father who is struggling with child support payments, you don’t have to wait for some fantastical break to come your way in order to attempt to rectify the situation. Given your circumstances, you may be able to have your agreement modified in order to make your payments more affordable. As such, you may wish to contact an experienced Colorado child support attorney who can help you understand your options.