The recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the country is rightfully being hailed by many as a giant step forward. Hopefully, in the very near future, the Court’s decision will be fully adopted without protest by every state. Certainly, this momentous decision can serve as a victory for those in the LGBT community as well as everyone in the country who believes in the importance of civil rights.

And while it may not be on the forefront of everyone’s thoughts at the moment, same-sex couples must face the practical aspects of marriage in the same manner as their heterosexual counterparts. For example, when entering a marriage, a couple may wish to establish a prenuptial agreement, which could outline important contingencies that can be enacted should the relationship not work out.

If a married same-sex couple decide to part ways, they may have property and asset division issues to settle. If a couple has children, they will need to establish terms for custody and visitation.

When working through such important and delicate issues, it can be essential to choose an attorney who has experience handling legal matters for same-sex couples. Both, entering and ending a marriage can bring about moments of stress and uncertainty. At such times, having an attorney who is familiar with the unique aspects of same-sex marriages may prove very helpful.

Front Range Family Law offers services to same-sex couples. Everyone has his or her own best interests to protect, which is why having an experienced attorney for advice and guidance is a good idea. You can read about how we are able to help LGBT couples work through legal issues on this website.