It is an interesting question to ponder; how will the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage affect the same-sex divorce rate? Of course, some people may find it cynical to ask such a question in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision allowing same-sex couples to legally marry in all 50 states. But the fact is, some marriages do end in divorce, so the question may merit speculation.

While there is likely no clear-cut answer at this point in time, two factors may come into play in regard to the same-sex divorce rate. First, it is hypothesized that couples that had been together for long periods of time before they could get married probably have very stable relationships and are not likely to divorce.

But conversely, there may be same-sex couples that hurriedly jumped into marriage out of enthusiasm for their new marital rights. These couples may have a higher risk of splitting later on.

It may be some time before enough data are compiled to demonstrate what, if any, effect the Supreme Court’s ruling has on the divorce rate of same-sex couples. But regardless of what such data may reveal, when same-sex couples do decide to divorce, they will have the same issues to resolve as divorcing different-sex couples. These issues can include division of property and monetary assets. If the couple has children, then child custody and visitation arrangements must also be worked out.

When addressing such issues, it is best if the process is carried out in an amicable fashion, but sometimes resentment and anger runs deep. In either case, if you are in the process of getting a divorce, an attorney who is experienced in handling same-sex divorce cases may be able to help you work through the details.