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September 2015 Archives

Relocating to another state does not absolve child custody duties

When a person decides to relocate from one place to another in the hopes that the move will fix his or her problems, it is said that person is seeking a geographical cure. While getting a fresh start can work in some instances, we all have issues and responsibilities from which we cannot escape no matter how far we travel.

Fathers influence sons and daughters in important ways

Few people would deny the important role that mothers play in the development of their children. Sometimes the impact fathers have on the lives of their children is not so readily recognized. Fathers can influence both boys and girls in significant, albeit different, ways.

Same-sex divorce may bring property division issues

Many problems have been solved now that it is legal for same-sex couples to marry in every state of the country. In a recent article appearing in a national publication, a financial planner writes about how one of the key elements of the divorce process may prove problematic for same-sex couples: the division of property.

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