Few people would deny the important role that mothers play in the development of their children. Sometimes the impact fathers have on the lives of their children is not so readily recognized. Fathers can influence both boys and girls in significant, albeit different, ways.

According to a parenting expert, a child’s interaction with his or her father will establish lifelong relationship patterns. For girls, these patterns can manifest themselves in how they perceive and relate to men as they grow into adulthood. Women who grew up with fathers who were loving and kind are more likely to gravitate to men with similar characteristics.

Insofar as boys are concerned, the expert says they often look to their fathers as role models. Boys tend to emulate the behaviors exhibited by their fathers. Thus, if their fathers are protective and supportive, the boys will want to adapt those traits.

It is ideal that children form meaningful bonds with both parents. This can be more difficult when parents are divorced. Often mothers take on the primary custodial duties, meaning that fathers mostly see their children during visitation periods. Given the positive influence that fathers can have, it is very important that they and their children have the opportunity to spend time together.

However, visitation rights are not simply granted. As such, fathers must take appropriate actions to improve their chances of getting the terms they desire. If you are a divorced father who wants to gain favorable visitation terms, you may find the advice and guidance of a Colorado family law attorney to be of benefit. An experienced attorney may be able to help you develop a parenting plan, which will allow you to get the most out of your time with your children.