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November 2015 Archives

The dissolution of a civil union creates same issues as divorce

Prior to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision that legalized same-sex marriage in every state, in Colorado, same-sex couples were able to establish a legal partnership by establishing a civil union. A civil union is similar to a marriage, but there are some very key differences. For one thing, civil unions only afford couples certain protections on a state level. Same-sex couples who have formed civil unions are not eligible for the federal benefits and protections that are bestowed to married couples.

Facing your financial future after divorce

When contemplating a divorce, most people are worried about what is going to happen throughout the process. Will they still be able to spend time with their children? Will they get trapped into a lengthy courtroom battle over the division of their marital property? Will they be able to handle the emotional stress that accompanies many divorces?

In what ways can you protect business assets in a divorce?

Any divorce can have complications, but a high asset divorce can be especially difficult to settle. Property and asset division can be daunting when there are large sums of money on the line. And if you built your wealth by owning and running your own small business, you could end up having to divide as much as half of the assets associated with that business with your ex-spouse.

Custody battle may ensue as celebrity chef and wife split

As same-sex marriages become more commonplace, so too shall same-sex divorces. And while celebrity divorce stories involving famous heterosexual couples have been a news staple for a long time, it is likely we will be reading more about married same-sex couples parting ways as well.

In custody disputes, decision making can be marred by emotions

Parents typically want what is best for their children. Yet, even parents who have a strong marriage may at times disagree about certain aspects of a child's life. This is hardly surprising when you consider that being a parent involves constant decision making regarding everything from what the child can watch on TV to what should be done if the child is having problems at school.

Why you need an attorney when mediating your divorce

You've decided to end your marriage. The choice to finally move on is extremely difficult, and it is not unusual to experience uncertainty and confusion at this time in your life. But every divorce is different, and your divorce will have unique issues and items that you will need to carefully contemplate as the process goes further. You need to be sure that you know what to expect in your case so that you do not make a decision that negatively impacts your future.

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