As same-sex marriages become more commonplace, so too shall same-sex divorces. And while celebrity divorce stories involving famous heterosexual couples have been a news staple for a long time, it is likely we will be reading more about married same-sex couples parting ways as well.

A current case in point is the recent announcement that Iron Chef Star Cat Cora and her wife, Jennifer Cora, are calling it quits. The pair had been together for 17 years but did not marry until 2013. Both of the parties have filed for divorce, and each named the other party as the petitioner.

As is the case with many divorces, Cat and Jennifer Cora appear to be on the path of having child custody issues. They have four sons, and while Cat has requested joint physical custody, Jennifer has asked to receive full custody of the boys. Reportedly, Jennifer Cora is the biological mother of three of the boys while Cat Cora gave birth to one of them. It remains to be seen if or how this will affect the custody agreement.

Cat Cora issued a statement wherein she expressed sadness at the dissolution of the marriage. She also stated that both she and Jennifer Cora are dedicated to raising their sons in a positive environment.

While the Cora’s proceedings may receive more notoriety than a typical same-sex divorce, their situation is far from unique. But same-sex divorces are a relatively new aspect of the law and may present unique issues. This is why those seeking a same-sex divorce are likely best served by an attorney who has an understanding of the specific issues that may arise in such a situation.

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