You’ve decided to end your marriage. The choice to finally move on is extremely difficult, and it is not unusual to experience uncertainty and confusion at this time in your life. But every divorce is different, and your divorce will have unique issues and items that you will need to carefully contemplate as the process goes further. You need to be sure that you know what to expect in your case so that you do not make a decision that negatively impacts your future.

In the Denver metro area, many counties require that couples attend mediation before their divorce moves forward. During these sessions, the parties work together with a third-party neutral to try to come to an agreement on issues such as child custody or property division. The goal is to facilitate a resolution of the conflict before it is necessary to get the courts involved.

Many people represent themselves during their divorce mediation. They do not understand the benefits that are provided by hiring an attorney to represent them throughout the mediation process. This posting discusses why you need someone on your side at all times when going through your divorce.

Your spouse may not play fair

Have you and your spouse accumulated any assets or debts during your marriage? Do you have retirement accounts or own a business together? Is your spouse self-employed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need an attorney. Your attorney will be able to gather a complete picture of your financial situation to help you protect your rights.

Some spouses may try to conceal this information or make it much more difficult for you to learn the true value of your marital assets. If you fail to uncover all assets at this time, it is possible that you could accept a deal that places you at a severe financial disadvantage.

You may miss important events in your child’s life

There may be nothing more important to you than remaining an active part of your child’s life. Finding the right custody and parenting time plan is something that many parents struggle with, and it can lead to emotional arguments that leave both parties upset. You may find yourself unsure of your parental rights at this time, and make an agreement that limits the time you get to spend with your child.

Your attorney will be able to work with you determine what sort of a custody arrangement works best for you, and pursue this on your behalf. This ensures that the emotions are removed from the decision, and will allow you to continue to focus on being the best possible parent that you can be, despite these difficult circumstances.

You might be stuck with the agreement you make

For the most part, the divorce order that you make with your spouse will not be able to be changed. Significant events need to take place before a court will consider taking another look at the agreement in place. Should you make the wrong decisions at this time, it could haunt you for many years after the divorce has completed.

If you feel that divorce mediation might be the right option for you, talk to experienced family law attorney Rebecca I. Gumaer at Front Range Family Law. Rebecca has spent her entire legal career helping to protect individuals just like you. She will take the time to prepare you for the process, and will work hard to find the right solution for your future.