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December 2015 Archives

Older same-sex couples have much to consider prior to marrying

After the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled that same-sex marriage was legal across the nation, many gay couples celebrated by heading to the altar. Many of these couples had been living together for years. Some had civil unions or domestic partnerships while still other couples simply lived together without any formal legal arrangement.

How do you ask for a divorce?

There are many couples out there who have experienced significant challenges to their relationship throughout the past year. Often, these couples are just trying to make it through the holidays, and then they will sit down and think about their next steps.

How one startup is betting $10,000 on your divorce

There's no disputing that the cost of walking down the aisle has become exceedingly expensive over the last few decades. Consider that a recent survey of 16,000 brides-to-be by a subsidiary of determined that the average cost of a wedding -- without the honeymoon -- sits at just over $31,000, while even those opting for a smaller ceremony will still more than likely have to shell out a considerable sum for food, music and wedding day clothing.

Wage garnishment provides direct transfer of child support funds

Many single parents depend on child support payments in order to make ends meet. Children have many and varied needs, and a considerable portion of a household's budget goes toward meeting those needs. Just the everyday essentials of food, shelter, clothing and transportation are all costly expenses.

Adoption can provide step parents and children security

When a stepparent is able to adopt his or her stepchild, it is a sign that the child is loved and desired. It can be very important for a child to feel that he or she is a part a family and the adoption may let the child know that his or her place in the household is secure.

Fathers and their children share unique bonds

Due to heredity, children typically have characteristics of both of their parents. Of course, it is the physical resemblance that people notice first. It is easy to see if a child has her mother's eyes or her father's nose. Children can also have strong emotional similarities with their parents. These emotional commonalities are extremely important.

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