Due to heredity, children typically have characteristics of both of their parents. Of course, it is the physical resemblance that people notice first. It is easy to see if a child has her mother’s eyes or her father’s nose. Children can also have strong emotional similarities with their parents. These emotional commonalities are extremely important.

This is one reason it can matter so much for a child to have both parents in his or her life. It is also why, when parents divorce, it can be so difficult for a child to adjust. However, this transition can be made somewhat easier if the child is able to spend at least some time with each parent.

Often, a divorce results in the father leaving the family and the mother having physical custody of the child. When this is the case, a father may have to work at getting a parenting plan that stipulates an agreeable visitation schedule. Sadly, sometimes a mother may choose to make it difficult for the father to get agreeable terms. She may even attempt to have visitation denied.

If you are a father and are having to fight for your right to see your children, try not to let the struggle get you too down. You likely have a much stronger bond with your children than you realize. It is quite likely that there are things about them that only you will understand. You probably also have shared interests and aptitudes that you can help them develop.

In short, the time that you spend with your child can greatly enrich both of your lives. As such, it is vital that you get a reasonable parenting plan.

At Front Range Family Law, we understand how difficult it can be for divorced fathers who are trying to maintain strong relationships with their children. We can offer advice on what you may be able to do to get the court to find favorably on your requests regarding visitation and custody. Please look over our website and read about our services.