Many single parents depend on child support payments in order to make ends meet. Children have many and varied needs, and a considerable portion of a household’s budget goes toward meeting those needs. Just the everyday essentials of food, shelter, clothing and transportation are all costly expenses.

If even one support payment is missed, then the family could face a shortfall at the end of the month. And if the payments are consistently missed, a family may begin to experience real financial hardships.

If the child’s other parent has been ordered to make monthly support payments, then he or she is legally obligated to do just that. If the parent should consistently fail to make timely payments, several steps could be imposed by the courts.

One of these measures is to set up an automatic deduction from the neglectful parent’s paycheck. The amount deducted will then be transferred to the appropriate account to cover the support payment. This process is known as wage garnishment.

In order to get a financially delinquent parent’s wages garnished, the custodial parent will have to schedule a hearing. If the court believes the garnishment is appropriate, an order will be issued to have the deductions started. The court will also give the delinquent parent’s employer instructions regarding the garnishment.

Wage garnishment may be a drastic step, but it may also be necessary if your child’s other parent is not getting you the support money that you and your child need. If you are having problems getting your due support payments, an attorney may be able to help you resolve the issue.