Now that same-sex marriage is legal in every state of the union, couples of both gay and straight orientation have the same rights and can reap the same benefits by virtue of tying the knot. But unfortunately, the right to marry does not guarantee a happily ever after ending. As such, there are things that everyone should do and avoid doing when a divorce is inevitable.

One of the most important things to do is seek empathetic listeners with whom you can share your feelings. Friends, family members and therapists could each offer you the support you need in what can be an emotionally turbulent time in your life.

But you are best served by only expressing your feelings in a private and confidential manner. And you should avoid expressing negative thoughts about your soon-to-be ex-spouse on such online forums as Facebook and Twitter.

While it may feel cathartic to tell others about your former partner’s misdeeds and shortcomings, whatever you publish online could end up being presented to the judge who will render the final decisions on your divorce settlement. This could be especially critical if there are child custody issues in the balance.

So in short, as you move through the divorce process, you will likely need both support and sound advice. At Front Range Family Law, we are well acquainted with the kinds of issues that same-sex couples may face when looking to legally end a marriage. We would be very interested in meeting with you for a consultation where we discuss how you may be able to best move forward. Not only will we listen, but we can also help get you in touch with others who understand what you are going through.