If your child’s noncustodial parent has been ordered by the court to pay child support, then you have every reason to expect to receive those payments on a timely basis. Unfortunately, sometimes the noncustodial parent may choose to withhold payments, which can cause the child’s financial needs to go unfulfilled.

As we previously covered on this blog, there are a number of possible measures a court can enforce if a parent is failing to keep up with his or her support obligations. But it can be very difficult to get any sort of remedy enacted if the delinquent parent cannot be located. In such a case, it is possible to request that your county’s Child Support Enforcement Unit perform a search for the parent.

But the search process can be greatly aided if you provide as much information about the parent as you can to the CSE unit. In addition to the parent’s full name and any known aliases, some pertinent facts that the CSE Unit will find useful include:

  • Last known work and home address and phone number.
  • His or her parents’ names.
  • Group affiliations, such as with trade unions.
  • Social Security number and date of birth.
  • The names and addresses of any of the parent’s other children.

It would also be helpful to give the CSE unit the parent’s picture as well as any financial information you can gather. This information could include tax returns, bank statements, pension information and insurance papers.

Once the noncustodial parent is located, you can then begin to take action to have the payments covered. But expediting the entire process may be helped by securing the services of a Colorado child support attorney. The attorney could help you efficiently navigate the child support system in an effort to get you the support payments to which you are legally entitled.