There is a tremendous sense of pride that comes with solving a problem on your own. You determined what the issues were, and learned what you needed to do to fix it. You may have saved yourself tons of money by fixing up your car or home, and feel that you can take on any challenge that you may face in the future.

If your marriage is in trouble, and divorce seems likely, you might be tempted to address these problems in a similar way. Countless people have tried to handle their own divorce not realizing the things that they need to do to protect their future. This posting discusses some of the perils of do-it-yourself divorce and the things that you must do to protect yourself at this time. 

Do you know what the issues are in your case?

You and your spouse might think you have decided the custody of the kids and the division of your marital property. But, do you know the full value of certain items you and your spouse own? Have you had business ownership and self-employment interests evaluated by financial professionals? Have you and your spouse decided how to handle specific issues related to the children, such as where they will go to school or what religion they should be raised in? There are many different matters that need to be addressed during a divorce, and if you do this yourself, you will miss something important.

What happens if you cannot find a resolution on outstanding issues?

You and your spouse might have to go to court to have some of the final issues decided in your case. This is your opportunity to present your version of events. You need to know how to make these arguments persuasively to the court. If you represent yourself, you could overlook crucial evidence or facts that the court needs to know.

Is anyone really looking out for you?

This is a difficult time, emotionally. Emotional people make bad decisions. Their judgment is clouded, and they make choices to simply put matters behind them. You need to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. This is one of the most important events in your life. If you make a mistake, there is practically no way to reverse the damage that you may cause.

What you must do if divorce becomes a real option

Talk to an experienced family law attorney before you decide whether or not to file for divorce. Your attorney can help you with all of the important steps that you will need to take to prepare for the process so that you are ready for whatever happens.

Once the divorce has been filed, you will need to make several important decisions regarding the status of your case. If you make the wrong choice, you may cause yourself serious harm, now and in the future. The decisions you make at this time have life-long consequences and you need to be fully informed before deciding how you wish to proceed.