While it may seem at times that the court system does not always give fathers their due in custody cases, the situation has improved over the years. In fact, there has been an increased effort to focus on the best interests of the child, rather than placing emphasis on the gender of the parents seeking custody. And the fathers’ rights movement has likely played an important role in seeing such positive changes come to fruition.

The advent of the fathers’ rights movement is attributed to the increased divorce rate that occurred in this country during the 1960s and 70s. During this period, it was generally accepted that mothers should be automatically granted custody of their children.

But this state of affairs left many fathers frustrated and having to pay vast sums for child support and alimony while receiving very little in regard to visitation rights. It was just such experiences that spurred many men to become advocates for changes in the custody system.

Those who support the fathers’ rights movement seek reforms in many areas of family law. For instance, they advocate for shared parenting solutions rather than sole custody. They also take issue with the fact that it can be expensive and time-consuming to have custody orders enforced in cases where a child’s other parent is interfering with the child’s ability to spend time with his or her father.

So while things have improved on the whole for fathers who want fair treatment in custody situations, problems can still arise. If you are a father who is seeking a fair child custody agreement or you need help having your current agreement enforced, you may wish to contact a Colorado family law attorney. The attorney could act on your behalf as you seek to get the visitation to which you and your child are entitled.