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June 2016 Archives

Understanding all of your options in divorce

Divorce is stressful, and because of that stress you can sometimes agree to things during the process that otherwise wouldn't be acceptable to you. Many people just want the divorce to be finalized, so they say yes to things to get the process moving. They make concessions, and then later they want to change the agreement because they realize that at least some of it was not in their best interest.

Child support must continue during financial struggle

The issue of child support is one of the many that make family law such a sensitive area of practice. Custodial parents may see child support as a necessary addition to their income while the paying parents may find it a difficult obligation to keep. If circumstances change and income drops, the only option a noncustodial parent may have is to file a petition to modify the child support order. Unfortunately, until a court approves the request, child support must continue even during a financial struggle.

Four common divorce myths

Getting a divorce can be stressful, and there are a lot of things to consider. There are also a lot of myths about the process. You don't want to get caught up in those myths, because you need to be clear on what will actually happen and what you need to do in order to have the best outcome in your particular case. Four myths are the most common, and they include thoughts about custody, attorneys, property, and court proceedings. 

Will a criminal history affect my child custody?

For divorcing parents, few issues inspire as much debate as child custody and visitation. With such an emotional consideration on the table, spouses may dredge up all sorts of past issues in an attempt to support their plea for sole custody. For parents with a criminal history, the worry that their past may affect their chances of visitation or joint custody may prompt them to agree with any parenting plan suggested. This, however, would be a mistake, and one that can be avoided by working with an experienced family law attorney.

Innocent spouse relief can help during a high asset divorce

During a high asset divorce, financial disclosure statements are looked at closely. Occasionally an in-depth investigation into the financial practices of one spouse can raise concerns for the other spouse. After all, fraudulent or erroneous tax practices can result in serious fines, penalties or even jail time. If you are facing adverse legal consequences during divorce due to your spouse's questionable financial practices, you may be able to request innocent spouse relief.

Making it through a divorce takes courage and a good attorney

No matter what anyone says, divorce is an emotionally trying experience. Even for couples that take a collaborative approach to their divorce, there are almost always some issues that cannot be agreed on. Family law attorneys are no stranger to these challenges and have the experience and training necessary to guide spouses through the emotionally taxing experience of divorce.

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