If you are in the midst of a divorce and you and your spouse have a high net worth, it may be beneficial to work with an experienced high asset divorce attorney. These types of divorces frequently see one spouse trying to hide assets from the other. By working with a lawyer experienced with high net worth couples, you may have a better chance of discovering hidden assets and having them included in your marital settlement agreement.

Divorce is already an ugly situation. But when you take a high net worth couple where one spouse is hiding assets from another, the discovery process in and of itself can become quite heated. This process may quickly uncover the most commonly hidden assets such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds and cash, and may be able to help unknowing spouses discover even more.

Fortunately, high asset divorce attorneys often work with forensic accountants who have the experience necessary to find even the most well concealed marital assets. Missing liquid assets such as savings bonds, life insurance policies and travelers checks may not be the typical hidden asset. However, their ability to be quickly converted into cash makes them an attractive option for spouses wishing to stockpile resources.

Becoming familiar with which assets are commonly hidden during divorce may help spouses be more aware of them when they go missing. Unfortunately, no matter how aware spouses are of missing assets, having them included in a marital settlement agreement may require the help of an experienced attorney and forensic accountant. With their help, divorcing spouses may be able to better identify hidden assets and can work to have them included in their division of property.