When you are a celebrity, you may have a very hard time keeping much of your private life out of the public’s eye. We have seen the fall out as it played out week after week for Johnny Depp and his celebrity wife, Amber Heard. Allegations of abuse were thrown out like punches, doing damage to the character of the beloved actor known by children and adults alike. Whether there was truth behind the allegations was never made clear. However, on the evening prior to the appointment to meet in court regarding the restraining order against Depp we were alerted that a settlement had been reached. The order was subsequently withdrawn by Heard.

It was then announced that Heard would receive a settlement of $7 million from Depp. Against the allegations from Depp’s attorney that Heard fabricated the tales of abuse in order to receive a larger payout, Heard kept to her word and donated equal parts of the $7 million between two charities; one meant to help victims of domestic abuse, the other a children’s hospital. She stated that hopefully this would help those who were not able to defend themselves as well as she was able to.

While the actor and actress both released statements intended to be received by the press and used to shape their portrayal within the media, both may have preferred the high-asset divorce to have been completed privately without all of the media attention.

Whatever level of publicity you want regarding your private family affairs, it may help to garner the assistance of an attorney who keeps your wishes as a priority and works to keep matters as private as possible if that is what you so choose. Alternatively, a family law attorney in Colorado may be your best representation to the public if you desire statements to be made to the media on your behalf.

Source: TheGuardian.com, “Amber Heard to donate $7 million Depp divorce settlement to charities,” Elle Hunt, Aug 18, 2016