It’s often difficult to think five years into the future and imagine the landscape of your post-divorce life. While keeping your eye on the possibilities for your future is a solid strategy for getting through many stressful moments, it’s not always so simple when you’re dealing with the emotions that naturally come with the end of a marriage.

That’s why you need in-the-moment strategies to ease the stress of divorce and bring some enjoyment into your everyday life. Following are three simple ways to do just that. 

Chase an Ambitious Goal

You may think that this isn’t the time to go back to school, shift into a new career or start training for a charitable 5K, but a goal is exactly what you need. It will put you firmly on track to building a brighter future, and it will give you a sense of power. You made sacrifices for your marriage, and now it’s time to do what lights you up with passion. That passion is the perfect way to counteract the negative emotions of divorce.

Expand Your Social Life

You will have days that you don’t even want to put on pants, so pulling yourself together enough for drinks with a friend may seem like too much work. The problem is that sitting at home too much will heighten the negative thoughts and emotions that lead to depression. Do yourself a favor by committing to at least one social appearance each week. You can even tie this to your ambitious goal by attending a conference in your professional field or scheduling study groups with fellow students in your night class.

Work Up a Sweat

Even though you’re experiencing financial stress along with the emotional stress, opportunities for physical exertion are worthy of space in your budget. You’ll release feel-good endorphins during each exercise session, and you’ll improve your confidence as you see changes in your body. Don’t be surprised if your investment in fitness turns into your next ambitious goal.

There will come a time when you openly discuss your divorce without feeling the sting of tears in your eye. You will one day open your heart to new passions, and perhaps new love, without fear that it will end in more heartache. You’re not there right now, but there’s one thing that you can do to get started toward a brighter future: get a divorce attorney on your side. Allow your legal team to handle the complicated divorce while you focus on looking into the future and seeing something amazing.