Divorce can be tough for the children. After divorce, the first thing parents worry about is child visitation and child custody. Each parent wants to be a part of their child’s life and wish to have a good relationship with them in the future. It is the right of the biological parents to seek child visitation or custody. All decisions made should be in the best interest of the child.

Unless a parent’s involvement is considered detrimental for >a child, both parents are allowed access to their children. This information helps to reassure parents who are going through divorce.

The first thing you need to do when getting a child visitation order is to determine if the concerned parties are already involved in a family law case. If that is the case, the non-custodial parent may put forward a motion for visitation and file it under the existing case. The process should be simple as long as the parents mutually agree that the request is appropriate. In case the family law case doesn’t already exist, the parent who is seeking child visitation has to start one. Note that parents who request visitation should start paying child support if they’re not doing so already.

Irrespective of how you approach the matter of child visitation, it might be in your best interest to find a qualified attorney who can explain what you can expect from a family law court. If you have disagreements with your ex-spouse and your case must go before a judge, your attorney can make sure your interests are represented.