Contrary to the perfect life portrayed by many actors and performers, celebrity life can be very similar to ours. Divorce might become a reality for many high profile couples, and other legal issues may soon follow. Celebrity divorce might become complex due to the high net worth and media hype of each partner involved. When assets are divided, certain issues need to be resolved before an amicable separation can ensue.

Property is one of the areas where most high-profile couples might invest together. One of the most vital questions that needs to be resolved in the dissolution of marriage in a high asset divorce is who gets the house?

If the couple has children, the parent with child custody normally receives the marital house. If no children are involved, and both parties purchased the accommodation with combined funds, then a court ruling might decide the outcome. Under a property dispute, the court makes a decision based on state laws.

In legal terms, it might be illegal for one party to stop the other from living in the marital house if both parties have rights over the property. If you have been asked to leave your house illegally and would like to file a lawsuit without media attention, then contacting a high asset divorce attorney might make matters easier.

A skilled lawyer might help you understand your rights in the division of marital property. Moreover, experts might help you with business valuation and determine the precise real estate value of the property. High-asset divorces might be complex. However, with the right lawyer, these issues can be resolved.