Deciding to adopt a child is one of the biggest decisions you may ever make. Adoption is a life-long commitment. If you have decided to adopt a child domestically, the next step is choosing which route to take. You can adopt a child either through an adoption agency or independently. No method is above the other, it all depends on what you personally prefer.

If you are leaning towards adopting through an adoption agency, you should know that there are two types of agencies that may assist you; private and public. The type you choose again depends on your personal preference. Private agencies are often quite selective in choosing their clients. Some private agencies may only limit their representation to certain groups or minorities. For example, some agencies might only choose clients from the elite class or people belonging to a specific religion or sex. One advantage private agencies have is that they often offer counseling which proves to be helpful in the transitioning of the prospective parents and the child. Private agencies might have only a limited number of children available for adoption.

In contrast, public agencies usually have adoptable children of all ages. Public adoption agencies may not provide counseling or support to the child or parents due to lack of resources. On the plus side, public agencies are known to charge much less compared to private adoption agencies. Some public agencies may even be free of cost.

Whichever route you take, a lot of thought and consideration should be dedicated to the process. Seeking guidance from an experienced family law attorney might benefit you in the long-run.