Divorce is a complex process, and it can be particularly difficult when it involves high-value assets and large amounts of money. High-asset divorces tend to be more contentious, and it is essential to have the assistance of a Colorado lawyer who can effectively navigate disputes that involve property division and spousal support.

It is normal to have concerns regarding your financial future after divorce. With the appropriate legal guidance, you can secure the settlement you deserve with a rightful share of marital property. When there is much at stake, it is important to have an experienced, qualified legal ally advocating on your behalf and working to uphold your rights.

What assets are at stake in your divorce?

High-asset divorces typically involve complex assets that are difficult to appropriately divide and value, such as retirement accounts. For this reason, your attorney may work with experienced financial professionals to account for and appropriately value every asset in order to ensure that the distribution of marital property is fair. Many high-asset divorces involve some of the following types of property:

  • Family businesses
  • Stocks
  • Investments
  • Professional practices
  • Vacation homes
  • Family home
  • Luxury items
  • Bank accounts

The first step in an equitable distribution of high-value assets is an accurate accounting of all assets and an assessment of the financial health of both parties. Determining accurate market value of all major assets will also ensure that the final settlement is more balanced.

In a high-asset divorce, it is also possible that one party will attempt to hide assets or hide the true value of an asset. It is important to work with a lawyer with the acumen and skill to locate all assets and efficiently settle any disputes that arise during property division disagreements.

Secure the financial future you deserve

From an accurate assessment of the family business to a fair share of retirement savings, navigating the financial matters that must be resolved during a divorce can be overwhelming. It is important to take every appropriate step to ensure that your financial future is secure and you receive an equitable share of the marital property to which you are entitled.

The final divorce settlement will have a permanent impact on your life, but you may pursue an outcome that allows you to have a strong, stable and prosperous future for years to come.