Are You Trying To Avoid Divorce Problems Like Hunter Biden’s?

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The old saying that appearances are deceiving rings true in many Colorado marriage situations. It’s not uncommon to see photos of married couples who appear completely in sync and happy with one another, only to learn soon after that they’re getting a divorce. Many people commented similarly regarding Hunter Biden, and his now former wife, Kathleen. Since Biden is part of a publicly well-known family, a quick Google search can pull up hundreds of seemingly joyful images of him, his former wife and their three children.

As you may know, Biden is the son of a former vice president. News of his pending divorce went viral, especially because of controversial stories and rumors surrounding their marital split. Tabloid headlines told the world that Hunter Biden was romantically involved with his deceased brother’s widow. Kathleen Biden also made accusations regarding marital infidelity involving prostitutes and lavish spending habits that caused her and her children to suffer financial neglect.

Biden’s issues not uncommon in many divorces

The Bidens are certainly not the first couple (and will not be the last) to go through contentious divorce battles concerning certain topics. In fact, you may be facing similar challenges regarding one or more of the following issues mentioned in Biden’s divorce:

  • Allegations of drug abuse
  • Marital infidelity associated with paid-for sexual encounters
  • One spouse accusing the other of creating situations that are dangerous to children
  • Assertions of irresponsible and extravagant money spending
  • Complaints that a former spouse is not contributing enough financial support to care for children
  • Disagreements over child custody

Hunter Biden’s former wife said she and her children could not cover their most basic costs of living because Biden spent all their money on prostitutes, drugs and gifts for his many mistresses. She was a full-time at-home mother during their marriage. She also told the court Biden used to pay $17,000 per month in financial support, but reduced his payments to a mere $1,700, which caused further undue financial strain. Many Colorado residents facing similar divorce problems choose to seek aggressive legal representation to address their issues in court.

If you’re trying to overcome serious family problems associated with divorce, it’s understandable you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn for support. On the emotional end of things, many people find it helpful to discuss their situations with ministers, counselors or trusted friends. As for the legal aspects, you can obtain immediate assistance by requesting a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.