Custody Modification May Be Warranted After Interference

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As a Colorado parent, you likely often feel immense joy at having your children in your life. Of course, every aspect of your arrangement may not seem entirely perfect, especially if you face custody issues with your children’s other parent. Finding the best manner in which to handle custody disputes may not always come easy, and you could potentially end up in a more difficult situation before your circumstances get better.

One of the most frightening situations you may experience as part of custody issues involves the other parent taking the children without the proper authority to do so. Luckily, you can take measures to involve law enforcement in efforts to bring your children back safely.


Even if your children’s other parent routinely takes the kids, if he or she does so against custody terms, police still consider that action kidnapping. As a result, you can contact police, and they should aid you in finding your children and taking the appropriate measures to handle the other parent. As kidnapping obviously falls under criminal action, the other parent could face serious charges and consequences.

Custody interference

When a parent takes children against the terms of the agreement, that action not only constitutes kidnapping but also child custody interference. Though the other parent may have felt that he or she had no other choice than to take the children, that individual has a legal obligation to adhere to the terms of the custody agreement. Therefore, interference could result in him or her facing fines, jail time or even loss of custody or visitation.

Custody modification

After such an incident, you may feel the need to take extra precautions to protect your children. As a result, you may choose to look into your options for custody modifications. By changing the terms of the arrangement, you may have a better chance of ensuring that such a situation does not take place again. Of course, you will need to gain court approval before any alterations to the agreement will be considered legally binding.

Protecting your children likely stands as one of your highest priorities in life. While you may not have initially thought that you would need to protect your kids from their other parent, such circumstances may have arisen. In order to better understand your legal options for handling custody interference and seeking modifications, you may wish to obtain information from reliable legal resources.