You Can Get Divorced Without An Attorney But Should You?

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Regardless of the circumstances that led to your divorce, you may be in for some hefty challenges when it comes to negotiating a settlement. No divorce is a small matter, and every divorce has consequences. Your chances of obtaining a swift and agreeable outcome in court depend on various factors. Some people avoid litigation altogether by using collaborative law or other alternative dispute resolution options. The reality is that you can go through a divorce without any third-party assistance.

Whether or not you want to take such a route is an entirely different story. Perhaps you worry about how much hiring an attorney would cost. That’s a legitimate concern and one many others in Colorado share. When you’re unsure of which decision would best suit your immediate needs and long-term goals, it helps to take a step back and consider the possible benefits of a particular option.

Various ways an experienced attorney can help

Your children’s best interests, keeping stress levels low and saving money may all be high priorities in your particular situation. The following list includes several ways having the right attorney by your side can help you overcome divorce-related obstacles and obtain a settlement that provides for your needs, and sets the tone for a successful, happy, new future:

  • An attorney is able to provide an alternate perspective and can address important issues from an objective standpoint. Often, this type of input and experienced guidance can help you see beyond your anger, frustration or grief and make decisions based on protecting your rights and keeping your children’s best interests in mind.
  • It’s less work on your part if you rely on an attorney’s assistance. As your personal advocate, an attorney can take on a large portion of the legwork involved in filing for and navigating a divorce.
  • Most experienced family law attorneys are also highly skilled negotiators. This can come in handy when you’re trying to create a new parenting plan or achieve a compromise in a custody or visitation situation.
  • Colorado laws governing divorce can be complex and difficult to understand. An attorney can clarify any issues causing you concern.

Just knowing there is a support network available if you need it can mean the difference between utter frustration and smooth sailing as you await a final decree in divorce. Hopefully, you have close friends and family members to lean on and help you over the rough spots as you adapt to a new lifestyle and make plans for your future.

Many Colorado spouses also choose to rely on experienced legal representation to eliminate the stress of having to act on their own behalves in court.