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January 2018 Archives

Do you relate to the issues in Ewan McGregor's divorce?

Being married and raising a family in Colorado (or anywhere nowadays) can be a joyful, rewarding experience but also quite challenging at times. If your marriage is one of many where the challenge has proved too strenuous to overcome, you may relate to others (including some celebrities) who are currently navigating the divorce process. Some people file for divorce after a year or less as a married couple. Others, such as actor Ewan McGregor, have been with their spouses more than two decades before deciding to divorce.

Would a Colorado court agree to advanced child support?

You might have read several recent headline news stories regarding Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein's unfolding divorce and various other legal actions against him. If you also happen to be preparing for or currently navigating the divorce process, you may find it beneficial to pay close attention to others' experiences, especially when your situation shares similar issues. In Weinstein's case, prenuptial agreements, extenuating circumstances (i.e. criminal charges and numerous civil lawsuits) and child support are key factors.

Things to do and not do to help your kids through your divorce

Although many people in Colorado and beyond might say it has its rewards, it's unlikely you'd find great numbers who also think parenting is easy. As a parent, you undoubtedly have your ups and downs, days when you're particularly thankful for your family and others when you wish you could go back to bed and start all over. In fact, you may even have days you'd rather forget altogether! It's par for the course that most parents encounter challenges along their journeys.

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