Does Social Media Play A Role In The Likelihood Of Divorce?

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Colorado readers know that social media permeates many aspects of their lives. From posting a picture of what you had for dinner to reconnecting with old friends from high school, people are on their social media platform of choice for extensive amounts of time. Facebook is particularly popular, and there are cases in which what people posted on their accounts came back to haunt them in divorce.

Most people do not sign into Facebook with the intention of getting into a situation that will cause complications and frustrations in case of a future divorce. However, as more and more people share daily lives and personal thoughts in a public setting, it is not surprising that this social media outlet plays a role in many divorces.

Think before you post

Whether you realize it or not, lawyers can use what you post on FB as ammunition against you in a divorce proceeding. Sometimes, the circumstances of an online relationship that starts on Facebook can become public knowledge during your divorce, as can certain things you post that may impact a custody proceeding.

You may not think it is possible that your soon-to-be ex-spouse could use your posts against you because you have a private account. Even with this security measure in place, nothing online is truly secure or private. In order for an opposing party to gain an advantage during a contentious divorce, he or she may use the following against you:

  • Compromising photos of you drinking either at a party or while on vacation
  • Photos of you with people who could be potential romantic partners
  • Posts about expensive purchases while trying to seek child or spousal support
  • Any posts that could conflict with information you gave the other party about your whereabouts, work schedule, financial health and more

You do not have to delete your Facebook while going through a divorce, but many people find it prudent to do so. If you choose to keep using your account, take care to think carefully about anything you post. It is possible to find even private posts or deleted posts after forensic investigations.

The complexities of modern divorce

Divorce is complex, and social media may only add to the complications of modern divorce. If you are considering this step, you will find it beneficial to think about what you post, as well as to seek guidance regarding the protection of your privacy and long-term interests.