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July 2018 Archives

Colorado breastfeeding mothers may relate to Nicole Curtis' case

Colorado fans of TV's Rehab Addict show are likely also fans of the show's star, Nicole Curtis. Her bright, upbeat attitude attracts viewers and keeps the show's ratings high enough that it's about to enter an eighth season. If you're one of many Colorado mothers who is currently facing a child custody battle where breastfeeding is a central focus, you will want to follow Curtis's case, which she has been battling in her personal time offset for the past three years.  

Choose living accommodations carefully when seeking custody

You may have expected there to be financial challenges when you decided to divorce. Since you had set aside your career in the early years of your marriage to stay home and raise your children, you knew from the start that you'd be facing a significant lifestyle adjustment once the court finalized your divorce. You've been working from home part-time, however, and have every reason to believe you'll secure a job that provides sustainable income for you and your kids.  

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