Colorado Breastfeeding Mothers May Relate To Nicole Curtis’ Case

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Colorado fans of TV’s Rehab Addict show are likely also fans of the show’s star, Nicole Curtis. Her bright, upbeat attitude attracts viewers and keeps the show’s ratings high enough that it’s about to enter an eighth season. If you’re one of many Colorado mothers who is currently facing a child custody battle where breastfeeding is a central focus, you will want to follow Curtis’s case, which she has been battling in her personal time offset for the past three years.

If you have continued to breastfeed your child past the age some consider typical, you may have gotten a few side glances in public or faced rude comments about your chosen means for providing nutrition to your toddler. While you are not obligated to explain your decisions to the general public, you may have to state your reasons in court if your former spouse accuses you of using breastfeeding as a means to interfere in a parent/child relationship.

Background on the Curtis story

Sean Maguire is the father of Curtis’s 3-year-old son. He has made several allegations against Curtis and has filed petition to request sole custody of the child rather than continue in a joint custody arrangement as he now has with his son’s mother. Some of the accusations he has made are as follows:

  • That Curtis intentionally continues to breastfeed to have more time with her son
  • That Curtis has failed to adhere to the terms of an existing court order
  • That Curtis relocated to the West Coast to make transferring custody difficult
  • That Curtis is an unfit mother

If someone accused you of similar things, it’s understandable that you’d be upset. It would also be logical to assume that you would want to protect your parental rights as well as the best interests of your child.

What Curtis has done

Curtis recently stated that she has done or intends to do several things to fight to retain custody of her child. The following list provides notable points from her comments:

  • That she believes God has a plan and doesn’t allow bad in her life without reason
  • That she feels called upon to be a spokeswoman and defender of mothers’ rights to breastfeed
  • That she feels called upon to advocate for children, especially regarding extended breastfeeding
  • That she will continue to fight to protect her rights and her son’s best interests

As made evident by the Curtis versus Maguire case, it can take years to resolve contentious child custody issues in court. Facing legal problems with a former spouse doesn’t necessarily have to impede your ability to enjoy life with your child. If you know where to seek support, you can actively pursue a course of action that helps you accomplish your goals and prevents any party or parties from undermining your rights as a parent.