Child Custody Plan In Place For Pitt And Jolie

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Many Colorado parents know what it’s like to argue with a spouse about child-related matters. Those who are fans of Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may also recall that this particular former couple was in a child custody dispute for quite some time. The good news is that it appears their situation is finally settled.

If you believe that your children should have ample time with both you and your ex after divorce, then you might request shared custody. This is what Pitt has been vying for although Jolie was initially dead set against it. At some point, however, Pitt reportedly convinced Jolie that they best thing they could do for their kids under the circumstances is to settle their differences out of court.

Are your children at risk?

Up to now, Pitt has been having monitored visits with his kids. If you were to think your co-parent’s presence was somehow a detriment to your children, you might request a similar arrangement. Pitt and Jolie have now agreed to do away with monitored visitation in favor of joint physical and legal custody of their children.

Pitt said he wishes to make the transition as easy as possible on his children, who have been visiting with him every other day for approximately four hours on school days and 12 hours on weekends. To that end, they will wean away from monitored interaction. The exact terms of the new shared custody plan were not divulged to the public.

Is going to court required?

Even if you and your co-parent devise your own child custody plan, before you can act on it, you must obtain the court’s approval. Most Colorado judges believe that children fare best when they are able to maintain active, healthy relationships with both parents after divorce. Unless there is reason to rule otherwise, shared custody is always preferable.

Can a signed agreement be changed?

Once the court approves a co-parenting plan, both parents must adhere to the terms unless and until the judge overseeing the case orders a change. The newly signed agreement between Pitt and Jolie may keep them out of court for the foreseeable future.

There is no guarantee, however, that another legal issue won’t arise at some point down the line. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike may request modification to an existing court order any time there is legitimate reason to do so.