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February 2019 Archives

Colorado fathers who hope to win custody should do these things

Do you get frustrated when Hollywood and the media continually paint fathers in a poor light in movies, sitcoms, on talk shows and in the news? It's definitely commonplace nowadays for actors playing fathers to appear dumb, foolish or negligent in their familial duties. You know that in real life, many dads are dedicated, hard-working, upstanding people who do their best to love and care for their children and provide for their families.

Is your spouse committing financial infidelity in your divorce?

When you decided to file for divorce, you understood it would have financial implications in your life. Perhaps your biggest concern was whether or not you'd have enough resources to provide for your children's needs. Beyond that, you may also be worried that your spouse will try to gain the upper hand when it comes time for property division proceedings. Like most states, Colorado operates under equitable property division laws.

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