How To Avoid High-Stress Issues In A Colorado Divorce

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If you follow celebrity news, you’ve likely read about some of the more recent, highly contentious divorces that have occurred among some very famous people. While your everyday life might be a tad different from theirs, it is likely that you can relate to some of the more common issues people like Jeff Bezos, Madonna and Shannon Beador have gone through when they severed ties with their spouses.

Before heading into a Colorado court, it’s helpful to organize your thoughts and develop a game plan. What are the most important issues in your situation? Are you most concerned about finances? Do you believe you are in for a nasty child custody battle? No matter what your high priority issues happen to be, the better informed and more prepared you are, the easier it might be to protect your rights and your children’s best interests.

You might relate to these celebrity situations

Celebrities have private lives, families, feelings that get hurt and situations that can cause high levels of stress in their lives. The following list shows just how average even the most famous celebrity spouses really are:

  • The Beadors tried to work it out: Reality TV star Shannon Beador told the world how hurt she was when her husband had an affair. They tried to overcome the roadblock in their relationship but ultimately decided to divorce and agreed that Shannon would receive a total of $10,000 per month in combined spousal and child support.
  • Madonna’s son was the focus of litigation: In the pop music icon’s situation, a teenage son was the central focus. Madonna and her ex went toe-to-toe in a bitter custody fight.
  • Biggest payout ever: Former wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie, recently became the richest woman in the world. She agreed to settle her divorce with Bezos shelling out over $36 billion.
  • Non-disclosure agreement: Johnny Depp and his ex accused each other of domestic abuse but ultimately settled their divorce after agreeing to keep such issues under wraps. If this issue applies to your own situation, it is likely that the judge overseeing your case will order an investigation.

It’s not always the husband who pays alimony or spousal support. Madonna’s case is also an example of a situation where the court orders a wife to financially support her ex. As these celebrity stories show, any number of issues can cause highly contentious disputes to erupt, especially if a spouse is not aware of state laws or doesn’t know how to proceed to protect his or her rights in court.

Prepare to protect

How familiar are you with Colorado divorce laws? Do you feel equipped to overcome legal challenges that may arise regarding child custody, property division or other matters? Most spouses feel like they could use some additional support when navigating this process, especially when entering litigation. It’s highly unlikely that any of these celebrities acted alone in court. It’s far more common for them and for non-famous spouses to hire experienced family law attorneys to act on their behalves.