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June 2019 Archives

When a no-show parent wants to re-enter the picture

When you filed for divorce in a Colorado court, you were hopeful that even though you and your spouse weren't parting on all that great of terms, you'd be able to work out a fair and agreeable parenting plan. After all, you both love your kids, right? You were ready to be encouraging and welcoming to the idea of a close relationship between your kids and your ex, except that it all went south when he or she dropped out of the picture and deeply hurt your children's feelings.

Child custody: Are you a victim of parental alienation?

When you and your spouse decided to file for divorce in a Colorado court, you understood that you might encounter challenges regarding your future co-parenting plan. In fact, you might be one of many parents who often fought about your kids during marriage, especially if you and your co-parent tend to disagree on how to interpret your children's best interests.

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