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July 2019 Archives

Is your child's post-divorce tummy ache related to a legal issue?

Divorce is never easy. Even if yours and your spouse's decision to file for one was mutual, chances are the process will not be without challenge, especially concerning your children. If you're one of many Colorado spouses who often argue with your spouse about your kids, you may really have your work cut out to achieve a fair and agreeable settlement in an amicable fashion.

John Schneider is out of jail but still having legal problems

When you file for divorce in a Colorado court, you can expect to have to resolve numerous issues. Depending on your state in life, whether you have children and how old they are, you may have to negotiate terms for a co-parenting agreement in addition to discussing financial topics such as child support or alimony. If you and your ex see eye-to-eye on such issues, it shouldn't be too difficult to come up with a plan.

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