Is Your Child’s Post-Divorce Tummy Ache Related To A Legal Issue?

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Divorce is never easy. Even if yours and your spouse’s decision to file for one was mutual, chances are the process will not be without challenge, especially concerning your children. If you’re one of many Colorado spouses who often argue with your spouse about your kids, you may really have your work cut out to achieve a fair and agreeable settlement in an amicable fashion.

Children are typically highly adaptable, even under trying circumstances. However, it’s never a good idea to assume your kids will sail through divorce unscathed. Doing so might cause you to overlook signs that suggest they might not be handling it as well as you’d hoped. From the start, the best thing parents can do when planning to divorce is to build a strong support network for their kids.

Symptoms that warrant further examination

Depending on the ages of your children, they may or may not be able to articulate how they’re feeling. In fact, in emotionally difficult situations, even an older child might struggle to find the right words to express his or her emotions. The following list shows signs and symptoms that may suggest your child is having problems coping with your divorce:

  • Children who are feeling stressed and anxious don’t always say they’re feeling stressed and anxious. Many times, they will complain of physical discomfort, such as headaches or tummy aches, which can have an underlying, emotional cause.
  • Adults often experience a roller-coaster of emotions in divorce, so it’s not surprising children might as well. However, if your child seems easily agitated or is having meltdowns, it might be closely connected to the divorce.
  • Problems sleeping or issues associated with appetite are also common signs of divorce-related anxiety in children.
  • Is your child having trouble in school? Whether the trouble is related to behavior or academics, it’s a good idea to further investigate the situation to determine if he or she is having difficulty coping with your divorce.

Getting divorced doesn’t mean you are going to ruin your children’s lives. In fact, most children fare well when they know their parents love them and are there to support them as they adapt to new lifestyles. If you and your ex are having trouble resolving custody, visitation or support issues, the stress of the situation may negatively affect your children, which is why it pays to build a strong support system early on.