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October 2019 Archives

Don't forget to tell your kids your divorce is not their fault

No married couple can say they haven't ever encountered relationship challenges. Whether you've been with your spouse for less than five years or more than 20, you've likely had to work together to overcome differences of opinion, financial problems or other issues that caused a rift in your relationship. Some problems are definitely more serious than others are. If you've decided that it's best to go your separate ways, your current highest priority might be how to tell your children.

Is your ex a detriment to your children's well-being?

Deciding to file for divorce in a Colorado court was likely one of the most significant choices of your life. As a parent, you may have second-guessed your decision soon after filing the petition, as you worried how the outcome would affect your children's lives. The fact is, most kids are resilient and highly adaptable.

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