How should you navigate living with your ex during divorce?

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You and your current spouse ended your marriage, but either for your children or for financial reasons, the two of you plan to remain in your marital home for the foreseeable future. This is new territory for you both, and you need some insight on navigating these new waters. 

Divorce Magazine could have the suggestions you and your former spouse need. Learn how to reduce the stress and discomfort that may come with sharing a roof with your ex. 

Learn a new, healthy way to communicate 

You cannot expect to spend the next few months with your ex-spouse without uttering a word to each other. Rather than verbal communication, it may be easier for the two of you to communicate through email or text messages. Depending on the particulars of your split, it may be healthier to maintain a businesslike tone during your correspondences, extracting emotion from your messages. 

Decide how you want to handle finances 

Decide how you want to take care of the internet bill, home insurance, utilities, home maintenance and the like with your former spouse. You may have a system in place from your marriage that still works for now. No matter how the two of you divide finances, neither of you should make sudden or major changes to shared accounts or shared spending without consulting the other person. 

Share the news with your children 

Your children may feel the tension between you and your ex, which may affect them. Depending on their age, you can either explain your situation outright, or you may have to tell younger children that you and the other parent are now more comfortable sleeping and living in separate bedrooms. 

It is possible to live in your marital home with your ex. The two of you may have an easier time with the right tips.