How can you have the prenup conversation?

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While prenuptial agreements are more common among millennials, they are still a complex topic. Many people are still sensitive when their partners bring up prenups. There are a lot of reasons for this. On one hand, your partner may think that you are accusing him or her of being after money. On another, he or she may feel like you are predicting a marriage end.

While this is not the case, you can approach the prenup conversation gently, according to Huffington Post.

Start the conversation early

To discuss a prenup with your partner may always be uncomfortable. This is a heavy conversation. Most couples do not want to imagine the end of their relationship. A prenup does not mean that you believe your marriage will end in divorce. It is simply protection. It can also be protection if one spouse passes away.

Talk about prenups as soon as you can. You may approach the topic while you are dating to gauge your partner’s reaction. This way you know how heavy the conversation might become. Be compassionate towards your partner but remain honest. The best way to have a heavy conversation is to remain truthful.

Discuss the benefits to both parties

It is a misconception that prenups only protect the higher-earning spouse. The truth is that it can be valuable for both parties. When you create the document, the two of you can have input. You can make your prenup as equitable as possible. The lower-earning spouse could have more financial security because of a prenup. Discuss both of your concerns with a prenuptial agreement. The higher-earner should not control the document.