Ask these 3 questions before you decide to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Divorce |

If you’re starting to worry about the state of your marriage, you’re not alone. 2020 has been a stressful year for a variety of reasons, and the economy taking a downturn has not helped.

You’ve probably heard that around 50% of all marriages end in divorce in America, which is primarily true. Marriages take work and effort from both partners. If one of you no longer wants to put in that time or effort, then it is time to look into divorcing.

Before you decide to divorce, it’s a smart idea to think about if you can save your marriage. A divorce has the potential to be costly and stressful, so if you’re still unsure, sit down and think about these questions.

  1. Have you really heard your spouse (or have they truly listened to you)?

To start with, ask yourself if everyone in the equation has been heard. If you haven’t brought up the issues you feel like your marriage has, then your spouse may be blindsided by the idea of a divorce. Make sure you do take time to talk about the issues you’re having. Hear what your spouse has to say and if they’d like to make the changes needed to stay together.

  1. Have you been making time for your marriage?

Have you really set aside the time needed to work on your relationship? If you and your spouse work opposite shifts or have a busy lifestyle, take a moment and think about setting aside time to be together. You may find that you just need more time together to feel connected. Alternatively, you could find that you don’t enjoy being together, which makes divorcing an easier answer.

  1. Have you asked what you or your spouse want?

Finally, ask your spouse if they’re getting what they need, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want as well. If you sit down and talk it through, you may find that neither of you is getting what you need, which may make divorcing easier.

These three questions can help you decide if it’s time to divorce and clarify your decision to do so.