The biggest celebrity divorces of the year

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2021 is only halfway over, and already we have tons of celebrities who are calling it quits. Maybe the last year was just too stressful. Maybe this had been coming for a long time and it just happened to end now. Either way, there have been many high-profile divorce filings.

The biggest, of course, is the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates. The Gates’ have been in the public eye for decades, as Bill was once the richest man in the world and is responsible for the massive success of the Microsoft computer company. Their divorce means that billions of dollars and assets will need to be divided, which is no easy task.

But they are certainly not the only ones. Here are a few of the other big divorces this year:

Carmelo and La La Anthony

Carmelo Anthony rose to stardom while playing basketball at Syracuse. He went on to become an absolute star in the NBA, earning millions. He and La La stayed married for just over a decade, despite some troubles along the way, but they’re finally planning to end things for good in 2021.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

For a few years, there was no bigger name in reality TV than Kardashian. Following on the footsteps of Kim’s fame, her sister and other family members starred in their own show, started businesses and amassed an incredible fortune — especially at such a young age. Klohe and Tristan will need to work out child custody issues, along with financial concerns.

Kayne West and Kim Kardashian

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, reports are that she is going to go through her own divorce in short order, breaking up with rapper and former presidential-hopeful Kayne West. While they are both very wealthy, they also have four children together. It will be complex to divide everything, to say the least.

Are you getting divorced?

Most normal divorces aren’t as high-caliber as the four noted above, of course, but they still run into many of the same issues: dividing assets, splitting up finances, dividing time with the kids, etc. If you are going to get a divorce this year, make sure that you know what steps you’ll need to take to get it all sorted out.