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Things to do and not do to help your kids through your divorce

Although many people in Colorado and beyond might say it has its rewards, it's unlikely you'd find great numbers who also think parenting is easy. As a parent, you undoubtedly have your ups and downs, days when you're particularly thankful for your family and others when you wish you could go back to bed and start all over. In fact, you may even have days you'd rather forget altogether! It's par for the course that most parents encounter challenges along their journeys.

More women are paying child support after a divorce

Many women worked hard to make sure that those who came after them enjoyed the same opportunities as men. Women entered the work force in numbers and continued to strive for equality in the workplace. Many of them succeeded, and now, young women around the country, including those here in Colorado, have opportunities that their grandmothers, and perhaps even their mothers, didn't have decades ago.

Starting over the right way: Avoiding common divorce mistakes

So you're getting a divorce. While things may feel a bit overwhelming now, you're taking the first step toward a brighter, healthier future. Something you're likely already well aware of, though, is that this legal process comes with some pretty high stakes. With so much on your mind, it can be easy to overlook things or make mistakes, and unfortunately, these mistakes can come with a hefty price tag -- financially or emotionally -- if you're not careful.

You can get divorced without an attorney but should you?

Regardless of the circumstances that led to your divorce, you may be in for some hefty challenges when it comes to negotiating a settlement. No divorce is a small matter, and every divorce has consequences. Your chances of obtaining a swift and agreeable outcome in court depend on various factors. Some people avoid litigation altogether by using collaborative law or other alternative dispute resolution options. The reality is that you can go through a divorce without any third-party assistance.

What happens to inheritance during divorce?

Receiving an inheritance is great, but when it comes to divorce, this good thing can become the source of contention between the two parties. If you received an inheritance either before or after you got married, you would be wise to know what to expect from the property division process and how you can protect your rights.

Your intended asks for a prenup. Is that bad?

You may feel like many others in Colorado when news breaks of a celebrity divorce. While the divorce itself may not be shocking, the revelation that the couple had not signed a prenuptial agreement often causes heads to shake, especially if one or both celebrities has gone through costly divorces before.

Your co-parenting efforts make a difference

You may remember those Octobers when you and your family had settled into a solid routine of work, school and your kids' activities. At some point in the day, you may have shared your upcoming schedules, or perhaps you had a common calendar displayed where everyone could see. Perhaps you shouted reminders to each other over the sound of the kids, the TV and the dog barking. Now that you are facing divorce, you may have concerns about what that shared parenting will look like.

Common law solutions for not-so-common couples

It is always painful to end a relationship, whether the parties were officially married or not. For some Colorado couples, a marriage certificate is never necessary to have a long-term, fulfilling relationship. When these relationships end, sometimes called common law marriages, it may still be necessary to seek legal guidance.

Do you have something in common with these celebrities?

Do you know that Steven Seagal, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Madonna all have something in common? They are among many other celebrities who have faced domestic violence charges. In fact, Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty, not once but twice, to such charges but has apparently been out of the legal limelight for approximately seven years now. If you're going through a divorce in Colorado where your former spouse is flailing accusations against you concerning substance abuse or domestic violence issues, then you too have something in common with these celebrities.

Colorado residents may share celebrities' worries in divorce

Open a tabloid or surf the internet and you're sure to have no trouble finding current news regarding celebrity divorces. One can only imagine how stressful it would be to have your family law problems aired in public. If you're currently navigating the divorce process in Colorado, you may be able to relate to some of the common worries celebrities seem to have when they decide to call it quits from their marriages.

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