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Life changes could mean child support changes

Change is an inevitable part of life, and change continues even after you walk through a major life change like divorce or legal separation. Sometimes, these changes are financial in nature, which means you may not be able to adhere to the terms of your original child support agreement. If you are currently in this situation, you have options available to you.

There is more to child support than you may think

Despite what you think you know about child support, it is a highly complex area of family law. If you are facing a divorce and haven't begun thinking about the many aspects of child support, you may want to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Because, when it comes to child support, no two cases are alike.

Child support must continue during financial struggle

The issue of child support is one of the many that make family law such a sensitive area of practice. Custodial parents may see child support as a necessary addition to their income while the paying parents may find it a difficult obligation to keep. If circumstances change and income drops, the only option a noncustodial parent may have is to file a petition to modify the child support order. Unfortunately, until a court approves the request, child support must continue even during a financial struggle.

Is there child support for adult children?

Contrary to common belief, child support doesn't always end when a child turns 18. A surprising and little-known fact to most parents is that child support can actually be modified to extend well past the child's high school graduation date. If you are the recipient of child support or you're a child support paying parent, it may be beneficial to understand what factors can be considered when making a determination for adult child support.

Does bankruptcy affect child support?

Child support provides parents with the money needed to help cover necessities such as clothing, food and shelter. Support payments can also serve as an important way for a parent to demonstrate his or her concern for a child's well-being. And as long as the payments are made in accordance with the conditions of the parenting plan, then all should be fine.

What information is useful for child support enforcement?

If your child's noncustodial parent has been ordered by the court to pay child support, then you have every reason to expect to receive those payments on a timely basis. Unfortunately, sometimes the noncustodial parent may choose to withhold payments, which can cause the child's financial needs to go unfulfilled.

Which parent gets the dependency exemption after the divorce?

Hopefully, the new year will bring you positive changes and be all you could possibly desire. But there is one aspect of nearly everyone's life that will remain ever-present; filling out a tax return and sending it to the IRS. And if you are a parent who divorced this past year, you may have to alter your return from previous years in recognition of your new payer status.

Wage garnishment provides direct transfer of child support funds

Many single parents depend on child support payments in order to make ends meet. Children have many and varied needs, and a considerable portion of a household's budget goes toward meeting those needs. Just the everyday essentials of food, shelter, clothing and transportation are all costly expenses.

Paying child support takes super heroic effort in new movie

When you go to see a summer blockbuster featuring a comic book hero, you likely expect an eyeful of special effects and a large helping of action. Often the heroes in these movies must contend with such issues as living their lives away from their home planets or hiding secret identities. But in the recently released "Ant-Man," a central character is dealing with a far more common and recognizable concern; he's having problems paying his child support.

What measures might CSS take for failure to pay child support?

If you are a single parent who depends upon money from child support, then you are likely aware of how important it is to receive your payments on time every month. It can be very challenging to make ends meet when you have so many important expenses to cover. If the person responsible for paying child support fails to do so, you could very quickly find yourself in a financial bind. This is unfair to both you and your children.

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