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What cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are a great way for Colorado couples to safeguard the way they feel about each other before they get married, when their love is strong and feels like it will last forever. Divorces are rarely a beautiful experience, and when money and asset division become an issue, formerly loving spouses can quickly turn against one another.

Several important facts about divorce in Colorado

No one gets married expecting that the partnership will end in divorce. However, sometimes the healthiest long-term decision about a difficult relationship is to end it. It can be daunting to resolve the dissolution of a marriage, but obtaining experienced legal advice can be a complete game-changer for your emotional and financial stability going forward. Like the stalwart Rocky Mountains, you will be able to successfully weather the storm.

Understanding what divorce means for spouses who co-own a business

Divorce is never easy and often when a business or other assets are involved the issue becomes even more clouded. Though a quick resolution is always best, it may become necessary for both parties to have legal representation to help smooth over any issues and make for a much easier transition from married life to divorced life.

Find out why you really need a divorce attorney

Imagine that you and your spouse are enjoying the perfect marriage. You have two healthy, beautiful children, a boy and a girl. You have a great house in a great neighborhood. You share the same interests, and you enjoy spending time with one another doing those things.

Considering the options when dividing your marital home

You and your spouse may have had the perfect life. The perfect kids, the perfect house, the perfect marriage. But, something happened and the feelings that you once had for one another have changed. As divorce becomes a more likely option, you start to wonder about what may happen during the process.

Is do-it-yourself divorce a good idea?

There is a tremendous sense of pride that comes with solving a problem on your own. You determined what the issues were, and learned what you needed to do to fix it. You may have saved yourself tons of money by fixing up your car or home, and feel that you can take on any challenge that you may face in the future.

Three things you should do to protect your assets during your divorce

For couples going through a divorce, their immediate concerns often focus on getting things finalized as soon as possible. They simply want to move forward with their lives. However, it is important these couples understand that this is a serious process, and they need to know the impact that these decisions can have upon their financial future.

Facing your financial future after divorce

When contemplating a divorce, most people are worried about what is going to happen throughout the process. Will they still be able to spend time with their children? Will they get trapped into a lengthy courtroom battle over the division of their marital property? Will they be able to handle the emotional stress that accompanies many divorces?

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